Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prize Rebel Guide (Tips/Tricks)

Hi everyone, im just writing this blog to help people with the famous prize rebel site.
Just as some background...
Prize rebel is a site where you can earn your self free stuff basically.
You can earn Game Cards for various gaming sites, you can earn console prizes, such as things for your psp, your xbox 360, ps3....etc. From this site you can also order a custom prize in which YOU get to choose a item you wish to purchase off of ebay/amazon. They process your request and you should get your item in the mail in under a week!
On the site, they use a POINT system where you earn points. 1 point is equivalent to 1USD. Once you have enough points you can purchase your prize. Here is a guide i wrote for another forum. The same principles apply for any other game.

Heres my attempt to get some referrals and to show some of you new guys how to get ijji coins for free, and other stuff

First off your going to need something called RoboForm. What this program does is fills in forms basically, you pre-load information into your profile, and then your done. What i would do is create a spam email to put in roboform email slot and go to yellow pages to find some adress and zip codes. Once your done with your profile the rest is pretty much easy.
Full version of RoboForm Multilingual.

Next you will need an account from prizerebel SIGN UP HERE

you can create one directly from there. That is my referral link. And once you create your own account hopefully through my referral, you can now refer some of your own friends. But anyways once you have downloaded roboform, and set an account up your ready for the forms. Go into the USA FREE offers and start doing offers. TIPS: 1. DO, do the 1.5 surveys, they might not always work but they are worth 3 surveys!(thanks to the poster below) 2. Do surveys that ask you to sign up, most of the time it works. 3. Dont waste your time click Yes/No to all the offers try this trick- press TAB and LEFT or RIGHT arrow key according to YES/NO. 4. Some of them are quizes and ask you some random questions about random topics, these work! So once you do one of them restart your cookies and do another. 5. 50% of the go up to a certain page offers dont work 6. Watch out for the crediting, try to do the ones that have no delay so you can get your coins as fast as you can. 7. Dont get angry if you dont receive your points, it might take time or you did it wrong. 8. Dont bother to do the whole survey do exactly what they say, doesnt matter if your in the middle of an offers page 9. You wont get your gcoin card or any item imediatley, it takes 2-3 days for them to email you the code, but if you do it on sundays it usually comes the next day. 10. some of the offers towards the end really are good ones. 11. be smart, if it looks like your going no where just quit and go to the next survey. For me it takes me 3 days of offers for 10 points. I can get like 3 points in half an hour i guess. Takes time to be "good" at it. AND for all NON- USA people who want to get in on this
Download Proxy HERE
here is a proxy switcher that might aid you in getting coins. Once again my referral is